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Sep 20. - Nov 23. 2008

Jari Haanperš: Artificial Light Connections

Jari Haanperš: Diaprojector in Buenos Aires
light and sound installation
Museo de Arte Moderno de buenos Aires - MAMBA, 2004
Photo: Miklos GaŠl

Jari Haanperš is media-artist and director.

Haanperš works with mechanical and analog and digital technology. He is interested in early 20th century technologies associated with the dream-scapes of romanticism and mysticism, as well as technical phenomena of our time.

In his work, Haanperš wants to demystify technique; techniques and technical devices are not mysterious in themselves,but on the contrary, everyday things or objects can create mystical, or enchanted appearence and events.

Haanperš's work has been shown in exhibitions as well as in art and film festivals around Europe, Asia, South America and in the United States.

The exhibition Artificial Light Connections presents a large survey of Haanperš's latest creations. All the works on display have been specially constructed for this exhibition.

In this theme contemplative works are realized by taking advantage of different medias: light and sound installations, videos, video installations and photographs.

These pieces deploy image, light, motion and sound, but they also utilize empty space, darkness, pause and silence. The spectators interpret their own stories and edit their own experiences within the horizon of the elemental phenomena presented.


Sep 18. at 8.15pm Opening of the outdoor installation Liftlight by Jari Haanperš, address Kilpisenkatu 8

Sep 19. at 6pm Opening of the exhibition

Oct 3. at 4.30pm Artificial Light Happy Hour

Nov 21. at 4.30pm Afternoon tea with Jari Haanperš

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