Jyväskylä Art Museum
A C T I V I T I E S  
Jyväskylä Art Museum nurtures the cultural heritage of visual arts in Central Finland, producing and transmitting experiences and knowledge of pictorial culture in interaction with its community. In addition, the museum creates and develops new forms and models of activity.

Introductory workshops to printmaking

In the printmaking workshop, open by arrangement, it is possible to try out various techniques of printmaking. The workshop is well suited for all ages from kindergarteners to pensioners; it can also be used for afternoon activities or by special groups.

Harlequin’s Party - a birthday party at the museum!

This joyful children’s event includes a tour at an exhibition through a playful game, having fun at the workshop, and a delicious birthday feast. There are three different packages available: solving a mystery, a role play, or a wizard theme.

Experiences through participation

The “Turns and Recollections” workshop is aimed mostly for senior citizens, but also for anyone interested in storytelling. The workshops combining drama and participation serve as a meeting point of people and stories.

Workshop for refreshing mind and soul

Workshops are an excellent way to arrange refreshing activities for work communities or other groups. “Moment Trip” is a relaxing presence adventure, while the “Body Paints” workshops provides a new way of experiencing one’s own body and mental possibilities through art. The “Experience as Line” workshop, in turn, allows various printmaking techniques to be tried out.

Further information:
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