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Kangas in english

Our business broschure in english.

A Living Fabric of Business and People

Kangas area has been a place for new ideas, businesses and innovations for a long time. Already in the middle of 1800’s it was filled with water mills and later there were all kinds of businesses wanting to get their share of the river Tourujoki. Kangas paper mill was opened in 1874 and from those times we have travelled a long and interesting journey which is not at the end at all. Something new is always ahead when talking about Kangas!

The paper mill was closed in 2010 and the area of 27 hectares became the property of the City of Jyväskylä in November 2011. The Kangas project is the main urban development project in Jyväskylä for the next several decades. The City Council approved the master plan for Kangas at the end of 2013 and one detailed plan has been ratified in 2014 (the old paper mill). The other detailed plan, Piippuranta (residential area) is accepted to be ratified in the spring 2015. Residential construction has started in 2016.

There are already several companies located in Kangas. Also some educational institutions  have moved to Kangas (Humak of University of Applied Sciences and some parts of Jyväskylä Educational Consortium). First homes to Kangas will be ready in the beginning of 2017.  In the future Kangas will be a home to 5 000 inhabitants and 2 101 new jobs.

One part of the future Kangas / Kirjopiipi architecture plan for Piippuranta

Smart and Safe

Kangas will be built into a cyber secure area and its ICT infrastructure is based on future projections. The area is partly energy self-sufficient, the fibre networks are reliably maintained and the sensor data is stored safely. The smart infrastucture benefits homes, businesses, supported living, energy companies and public services. Kangas is going to be the most cyber secure area of the most stable country in the world.

Sustainable Community

Wise use of resources is one of the main themes in Kangas. Kangas is for example one of the first two areas in Finland that are trying out the One Planet Living approach. Sense of community and sustainability are seen e.g. in the urban farming that has been going on in Kangas from the summer 2012. Kangas is also designed with a car-free lifestyle in mind.

Easy Living

There is a dedicated service company to support the area. Services like parking, common areas and waste disposal are produced centrally to make life at Kangas flow easily both for people and businesses.

Pioneering Spirit

Kangas will be a sandbox for new ideas and technologies, a Living Lab where everyday life can be quantified. Sensor data from the urban environment will be an information gold mine for service developers and researchers.


Challenges and possibilities of the future

On a Jyväskylä and Finnish scale the Kangas project is long, massive and challenging to manage. Investments in infrastructure must already be made in the initial stage, while the city will gain economic profit only in the final stages of the whole project. Global economics influence the rate of building. This will also make the project challenging for political decision-makers. They must show endurance and be committed to the strategy and long-term development. Most of the strategic decisions have to be made now and after 20 years they must still stand the test of time.

For the first time the City of Jyväskylä has the tools to create a new kind of hybrid area. With the help of a monopoly in city planning and by virtue of the terms of selling building plots, the city can request developers and contractors to commit to common development goals in order to create a vibrant, smart and sustainable city suburb, Wise Kangas.


For more detailed information, please contact us:

Anne Sandelin
Director of Urban Planning Projects
+358 14 266 5051
Tanja Oksa
Project Manager
+358 266 7693
If you are interested in renting office, storage or manufacturing premises or space for happenings, please contact:
Ulla-Maija Valtonen, Premises Manager, +258 266 4990, ulla-maija.valtonen[at]jkl.fi


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