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Up north, far from everything? Think again. Being north means being close to the middle of the hemisphere and that makes Finland an important hub of flights between Europe and Asia.

What could be more important for an information-era business than educated and productive professionals? Well, thanks to Finland’s educational and health policies, we’ve got an ample supply of smart and efficient people.

But we’ve got to admit it. It’s quiet here. No extreme weather or great conflicts. If it snows a lot, we plough the roads and go to work. We like to keep our systems running and our society stable, so for you and your business – Finland is a safe choice.


Jyväskylä is big enough to have an urban and international air to it, yet most places are within cycling distance. In Jyväskylä, you get by nicely with English. Jyväskylä is a cyber secure city and it is also an important hub of the Finnish road network.


Located right next to the City Center we can talk about City Extension when referring to Kangas. It’s about 600 meters from the City Center and easily reachable from all over the city.


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