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There are several on-going development projects in Kangas.

Background and principles of Wise Kangas

One Planet Living

The international One Planet Living initiative is being applied for the first time in Finland to the planning of Kangas, and also in the residential area of Kivistö in the City of Vantaa. One Planet Living aims to make sustainable and resource-wise living comfortable, inexpensive and easy. More information about One Planet Living in Finland can be found from Sitra’s web page.

Sustainability has been one of the main things in the development of Kangas so One Planet Living goes well with this theme.


(Integrated unit of support services in Kangas)

To develop the construction sector further and to meet ever-increasing needs for more efficient land use, Jyväskylä has started a research project called KYTKIN – an integrated support services unit for Kangas. The project aims to build a new kind of management model for support services in city suburbs. Support services include parking, waste management, ICT systems, shared yards and integrated bomb shelters. The management model currently integrates separately owned and maintained spaces into one system. In order to create the model, knowledge of different operations is being gathered from different angles (legislation, finance and risk management). Development of this management model is being carried out according to the principles of sustainable development. The model will also create opportunities for new kinds of business. The project is funded by Tekes and several private sector partners and will be finished by 2013.


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