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Culture in Kangas

Activating People & Sense of Community

Activation in different forms is an important factor in making Kangas familiar to the citizens of Jyväskylä. The mill had been fenced and closed to the citizens of Jyväskylä for 150 years, so in the beginning of the development the two big questions were: how to reintroduce people to the area and how to use the old industrial brand and heritage in development and branding?

Activation started in the beginning of the project and will continue until the whole area is finished.


There has been a popular open day event arranged by the city every summer since 2011. Besides those, many other happenings have also been arranged, including e.g.urban city festivals, summer theater and art exhibions.  The participation of ordinary people as well as recycling have formed an important element of these events. There is also voluntary urban cultivation action (city farming) in the Kangas area as well as the city bees.

Many of the vacant premises have been rented out on a temporary basis for activities such as storage and as maintenance space for local companies.

Cultural themes

Jyväskylä is a city focused on the well-being of its people, and modern urban planning must consider the cultural sector as one important factor of well-being. For the Kangas project, the city has set four goals. The cultural mission of Kangas is:

• to develop a new and easily accessible urban culture in Jyväskylä
• to increase the attractiveness of the city and Kangas
• to provide cultural producers with a cultural environment and an opportunity to confront large audiences
• to develop an area of creative business and economic growth

The idea is to focus on everyday culture and give talented people an arena in which to show their creativity. The city will also organize events and concerts of its own.

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